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Transistor lyrics


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        If you want more beats for you buck there's no luck (4x)
    Then there's no luck
    Then again if you came for drama then I can't understand a
    Music critics (2x)
    Not afraid of a guy who'll tell you he's never been in a mix
    Been in a mix (2x)
    We're from the grassroots so big up to our friends
    Every crew, every click, and every posse
    Big up to all the heads not of hypocracy
    You're a transistor
    Lightning resistor
    Conducting to the mother star
    That's what you are
    Renegade sound system 311 (4x)
    Brothers from another planet and here once again
    Automatic (2x)
    Quantam saints of the universe in a holographic
    Cosmic remix (2x)
    From the mysterious blue planet
    We can breathe anywhere
    Under water, out in space, and in LA
    Your polluted air's no problem for these homeys
    You're a transistor }
    Lightning resistor } (2x)
    Conducting to the mother star }
    That's what you are }
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